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What is Remediation? Remediation is the optimization of memory.
Memory Loss Remediation
Information on Memory Loss

Age-Related Memory Loss

At this time, there are no known treatments that effectively halt or reverse normal, age-related memory loss. Still, it is believed that changes in memory may be minimized by:

  • Remaining cognitively active;
  • Participating in regular physical exercise; and
  • Staying socially active.


Memory Loss Resulting From Other Health Conditions

Regarding memory loss arising from certain other health conditions, various treatment options are available. For example: memory loss resulting from malnutrition may be halted, and sometimes reversed, following maintenance of a proper diet that includes regularly scheduled vitamin B12 injections; memory difficulties caused by depression or anxiety may be reversed when the depression or anxiety is successfully treated with appropriate medication, therapy, or a combination of medication and therapy.


Alzheimer Disease

In Canada, there are several medications currently available by prescription (e.g., Aricept™, Remindyl™, and Excelon™) to treat individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer Disease. The purpose of these medications is to halt or slow the progressive deterioration of memory and cognition for an indeterminate period of time. It is important to note that none of these medications offer a 'cure' for an individual suffering from Alzheimer Disease. However, pharmaceutical companies continue undertaking research into finding more effective treatments for Alzheimer Disease. The Memory Clinic cannot prescribe medications, but, with your consent, can share recommendations with your physician.


Brain Trauma/Insult

The scientific community is beginning to understand the plasticity of the brain in recovering from traumatic brain injury or other damage to the brain, such as from strokes. At present, there is no specific rehabilitation program prescribed to optimize an individual's recovery from a trauma to the brain. Many of the same programs used to address age-related change can be used for adults with traumatic brain injury.

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