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There are a number of new rehabilitation products on the market that are designed to improve memory and thinking in adults. Products target working memory, processing speed, mental flexibility, and encoding of new memories. These products vary in terms of their scientific support and cost.

After completing a Cognitive or Neuropsychological Assessment, we will provide you with recommendations regarding the training product that is right for you and specifically addresses your weaknesses. At your request (for additional cost), the Victoria Memory Clinic rehabilitation assistant also will be pleased to provide an in-home visit to set up remediation techniques/devices.



Vitamin B was recently shown to have beneficial changes in the brain of individuals with memory loss. A study conducted in the UK showed that individuals who took Vitamin B showed less atrophy (i.e., shrinking) of the brain. Does Vitamin B improve memory functioning? The study did not answer this question but certainly leaves the possibility open!

You should consult with your physician before adding supplements to your regimen.


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